Lucille Renee Ferguson

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tooned In!

Kinda funny...kinda sad...all three zoned out or should I say into the TV! Yikes Cecily is a tiny couch potatoe! The Madisonville Boat Parade!

Jeromy has overdosed on fun!

The Littles First Mardi Gras!

The cousins glorying in their post-parade catch.

Earlier that you can see Fat Tues was warm! I love this pic...notice the legs...awww...those fabulous legs!

Soakin' up her Pops!

HUH! Cecily does not miss a beat...she is always tuned in!

Stick um up partner! We're the law around here!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Dad in Dallas!

Jeromy flew up for the funeral and drove us was great to see Uncle John and Uncle Sam. We had a great visit but were all ready to be home again.

Hey is that Addie and Lucie and Jeromy! Eating in our old spots at Gigi's!

All the Grand's Together

All the grandkids were able to gather around Grandpa and be with him for Reba's funeral.

Cecily and her Uncle Joe!

More Cousins!

The Littles relax at Grandpa's after a long day of fun at Gigi's seeing Ali and Jackson Barnard.

Jackson is 6yrs and quiet but loads of fun....Lu gave him one taunt and he jumped up and chased her!

Kiss kiss kissable! Caleb crawls by!

Helping Aunt Anna make crackers is Dan in green, Caleb then Lucille and her new bestest friend and cuz Ali!

He's off!

Scott and Jackson

The cousins-

Instant best cousins only a month apart!

Sweet guy!

Dan's robot

Grandma Jane's house after the snow.

Snow Tea Anyone?!

Cecily loved Grandpa's open bar/counter top...big and in the middle of all the action!

Lucille still our powder Puff! good lookin' guy!

Collecting snow for snow tea (snow with juice)-our Colorado fav!

Normal is not Four!


Puffins gathers a fat cup of snow.

Note to self: lasagna never again!

The Widdles!

February in Dallas begins with loads of snow and ice. The Scotland cuzzies crash our pad at Grandpa's for a little inside fun! Here they are a pack of crazier, hootin' hollerin' kids that you'll ever find! Lined up and determined to eat Grandpa clean out of house and home...Honey Bunches of Oats being the fav of the day....mmm mmm SUGAR!
Bud-Light...Grandpa likes to keep a few boxes around for the kids to play with!!! ha haa! Desperate times call for desperate measures...snowed in with no toys! Lu and Dan go for the gold!

Still a recovering sicky...little Jer never quick got back to himself till we got home.

I forget what the conversation was about but they were all very serious.

Cecily, Jeromy, and Lucille all cram in to their "hide-out!"

Sweeter than Honey!

My dear girls...what are they talking about?!
Cecily is really coming into her own looks now. She looked like Lulu for so long and now is blossoming into a lovely Cecily. Light brown hair with a reddish hue at eyes in a new shade, and a uniquely Ceci nose. She squalks and talks all the time and works her hands over. They are most often clasped together as in the pic, even when she stretches she holds them together tight!
Lullers is bounding with energy, loves to hold her Cecily, boss-I mean play- with Jeromy. T-Rex is the token game now. She loves pink, has loads of treasures that are in every available drawer, purse, desk, closet, suitcase, hat, shelf....
She has started learning to read, loves art, finds examples of letters or numbers everywhere in nature (trees in shapes of I's or legs crossed to make a 4) and sings beautifully. Soon to be a rockin' 5 she is eager to find out what priveledges come with her B-day! Still our cuddle-bug and ready for anything! Fast as lightning, quick as a wink, and sweeter than honey! These girls are our delight!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sunny Days...

The weather in Dallas was undecided. Hot and sunny-icy and snowy. We all enjoyed the spectrum and got out with the pack of Littles as much as we could. Park Cities had to be abuzz with all our rif-raf and loudness!

Caleb was amazing, taking acorn after acorn and plopping them in the jar! Very good cordination for such a little guy!

BABY! ha haa! BABY!

The boys with Cecily-flea!

Gigi's front porch as the place to be with snacks, toys, and Dan's every growing ROBOT!

Caleb before nap..still such a sweet babe and yet one of the pack!

Dan and Lu bonded on a first child bossiness level that Jeromy and Caleb would not understand!

Hey guys...I'm here too!

Everyone has to experience a chip bag all to themselves! Dan does this!

Zoom! Faster than lightning!

Start of the stomach flu...