Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Happy, Happy, Birthday- to Dad, to Dad!

You would never now it was Daddy's Birthday...the kids were so whipped up! They helped make him a super yummy carrot spice cake!
Can I just make a note here about butter....I have found heaven on earth...Kerrigold butter...Irish grass fed butter....we have all been dooped, THIS is butter, the rest is well pitaful!
It is night and day different!

Such a handsome kissable boy!

Carrie and lil' Abigail...Jer's camping but Eriks fam.

Really far to cute to let her EVER now she is!!
Harmonicas and kazoos...does life get any better!?

Jeromy toasting his 35th with Wallace and Dan (Lydia's husband).

Lydia my ol' Baylor Bud...she and her fam will be moving South soon.
Jer's Top Ten or What 35 really means:
-new glasses ..did ya notice how much handsomer he is looking?!
-a "healthy" birthday cake by choice...carrot! ha haa like it matters!
-glitter cards by Bubs-n-Lu!
-a good pipe to choke down the "5"
-reaching for a hankerchief in your pocket and finding a spare pair of Bub's undies instead...oops guess it didn't make the diaper bag!!!
-having the next weeks homemade sandwich bread crumble to bits each bite...thanks to Bubs, "Jeromy poke holes in bread!" Lu did help by "digging them out again for me!!!" HUGE HOLES now!
-spending a snowy day playing Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders!! thanks Indo-Fergs!
-making a cup of Joe and 2 tiny cups of coffee milk too!!
-listening to breakfast chatter "You know Bubs I can see your muscles shrinking! You better eat your egg bites!" lectures Lu! Lil' Jer's response..."hha haa! I cut you up and eat YOU!"
-Putting the kids in bed and heading straight there yourself!

Snow Bunny!

We got a blast of snow the other night and I mean a foot and had to go sledding all day! Fast melt so by the time I got the camera the grass had poked out. Lu got a "tube" and loves sledding more than ever! She can't get enough...Jer on the other hand well...he hates the year maybe!

Backwards!!!! DANGER GIRL!

Really ready to get home...."Jeromy need chocolate milk Momma!"

Lu casually saunters back of the pack of kids whizzing down with wild laughter ringing out across the park!

Still ready....

Lu learned to pop on herself!

Trekking through the backyard!

Jer shouting, "no likie...go inside..never come out again!"

Still mad...

A morning run!

WAPF Booth

Megan Quninones (on the right of me) and I worked a 2 day booth at the Broadmoor for a Doctors of Oseopathy Convention. Fabulous! The Denver chapter (Nourshing Traditions) gave us books to sell and posters and National (this being a booth for the International Weston A. Price Foundation) gave us lots of great brocheres and periodicals. We made quite an impact and intend on making a bigger splash next year! This pic was staged and the two "inquires" are Dr Bruce and Leslie Fife...he being THE Coconut Authority...he later spoke at our your coconut! They worked the booth with us too...delightful couple. I love this group!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Peek Across the Kitchen!

Two new perches that just hit the spot! I order lots of bulk grains and coconut oil in March and they provide such lovely places to sit and think or better yet have a chat!
Recently Lu is into "veggies" I mean I don't know where this whim blew in from..."Lu what do you want to lunch?" "Oh Momma I'll just have some of that know Lulu's love celery and a carrot too...just like that time I was Lula remember that Momma?" "Now Lu that is great you like your veggies but you must have something with them...cheese or peanut butter?" "Oh no thank you Momma. Lulu's just like veggies!" Who ever had such a conversation with a 3 year old!!!
If you ever come to dinner at our house you will also notice that part way through the meal Lu and Jer's arms spontaneously fly out and then flex and they have huge grins....that is their food turning into "Popeye" muscles right before you eyes! Took me a couple of meals to get this and a toon or two! "What does kale turn into? What does pear turn into? What does Kombucha turn into?" Just a few of our daily question...answers being "of course" MUSCLES!!!!
And can I just say....I have started my studies for a Doctor of Naturopathy!!! Yahoo...I have been wanting to do this for 10 years!!!!! Thank you Handsome Papa Jer!

Hurrah for Parades!

Another year of Liberty Tax and another fabulous St. Patrick's Day parade with outstanding weather! The kids, already wound tight with parade excitement, just about exploded when Dad pulled out THEIR costumes!!!! Lu had a made-to-order and Jer had a mom-to-order...thank to some thrifty pillow case skills! And I have to say Jer was so cute I could sell these things!

Our float was introduced by Handsome Jeromy and his two adorable kids who won the hearts of all immediately!

Waiting our turn to start walking!

Liberty provided free food for all: hot dogs, chips, soda, and crowns of course! (that being Lil' Jer's new fav phrase..."of course!") Ring around the mulberry bush with weenies!

The whole crew minus a "me" taking pics!

We're here!

I never got a good pic of Jeromy but I cut the bottom of the pillow case off and sashed it around him so he "looked like Lulu!"

Bunk Beds!

The "littles" have arrived and are officially becoming the "bigs!" Lu went bizurk and loved touching the ceiling and being in a good "nanny nanny boo boo spot"! Jeromy went up and down the ladder multiple times till he was comfortable with it and them proceeded to quickly learn from Lullers how to climb down the back side and up know the precarious footboard!

Oh yes, Lucie's face took a crushing fall off her bike yet again...horrible fly over the handle bars breaking with her nose..but after 3 tears up she got not to be out down by another dare-devil kid zooming down another hill at the park...she looks great now...not a bit of scaring. It was worse for Mom and Dad by far!!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Big Handsome and Little Hans!

Little Jer swiped Uncle Joe's corn pipe and surprised daddy one evening joining him with it in his mouth! I love this pic! Little Jer is always working a joke!
My friend and co-chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation a non profit nutrition organization advocating traditional eating...ask me more! We are working a booth at the Birth Network Fair....with other midwives, doulas and cloth diaper companys...etc.

Lu, not to be left out! Notice the corn pipe behind her....who is it?! JEROMY!

Crazy Tree Picnics!

Lawson and Lu got the biggest thrill out of climbing a tree, finding a perch and eating a bit of delicousness!

Jeromy trying to scare Lu...Cowgirl Lu!

Riding, riding Rawhide!

Adios Ma, see ya at suppertime!
Out riding their range....Little Jeromy gloried in the vast yard and huge woods....he would wonder out wanting to go explore. The last night he looked up from the carport and noticed how high the trees went and swayed in the coming storm...he was awe-struck! "Momma come quick! Look Look! Big Trees!"

Just Hangin'...

Lu and Jer loved seeing their Lawson and Maisy everyday...this was the trip that they were a really a three-some....soon to be foursome when Maisy starts walking.

Lounging in Aunt Margie's front yard. We were able to drive up to Baton Rouge and see her adorable house and catch up.
Jeromy most happily devoring his, Lu's, and Lawson's PB&J's! Pig Boy!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wild Banchees!

In Covington Lu and Jer caught up with cousins Lawson and Maisy and had a "hoot-n-hallerin' time"! Tree climbing, picnic eating, bear huntin', stick fightin', cowboys!