Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Surge of Energy!

A now a quick and entertaining update of Lu-girl! Here we have a common enough sequence of events...starting with an earry moment of quiet.
And we are off with a fast sprint down the hall ending in Lucie throwing herself down on floor and pushing her arms so she scoots backwards.

Then popping up onto her feet for a mad moment of frenzy with Helton as she forces a quick game of chase on him (all the while loud squeals of delight are being uttered like Lula was machine gun of fun!)

Then a dash out side to the deck for a lap and then finally a jivin' jig. Ahhhh....we all survived yet again... these bouts of sheer enthusiasm for life are becoming more and more "the every day" with Little Puffins. She is a bundle of joy!

Recently we made a batch of cookies and Lucille was histerical! She stuck her chubby little finger in the batter and said, "Ewwy Gooey!" then popped it in her sweet mouth. She immediately closed her eyes and shook her head slowly while saying "Delicious!" with such refined passion one would have thought she was the new Julia Child echoing her opinion to a classy lobster bisque or something...I just cracked up! Then at dinner Daddy inquired as to how Lucie like her soup and Lullers replied, "Delish!"

Best Buds!

Lucille basks in the light of the noon day sun with her best bud!
Looking a bit suspicous aren't they?!
After breakfast Lucie says, "Holding! Holding!" and with great physical animation suggesting that she should hold the baby. A very enchanging scene as she burps the little guy by patting his tummy!

Momma and her "other" handsome Jer!

Little Jer's Guns!

Daddy has got Jer Jr on a strick routine these days...sleep, eat, lift (check out this 1 ounce dumb bell) watch out here comes Mr. Tough Bananas himself! He saw Daddy's massive guns (biceps) and went took to it straight away!

Lucille as found yet another passion in life...she finds a small cup filled with crisp, pure water is most refreshing after a long, not very tasty dinner!
"Aheeeee!" screams little Jer as he flys through the air with remarkable speed! He got his love of swinging from his big Sis!
Who can resist this little Bubsie? Pure adornation for his Momma!

Hubba Hubba check out this chubba!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kiss Me!

Chubby Brother Jeromy ie "Bubsie" as Lulla Belle affectionately calls him, is continuing his rigorous eating schedule...determined to reach new heights of chub-dom for a Wee Ferg! Little Jer loves to play on his mat and coo at his doggie and sister. He finds it histerical when mommy gives him a new rattle (notice him holding them now!).
A cool and collected moment.
Kissing these cheeks is pure delight!

Thank you Uncle Sam and Aunt Mardie for the quilt...we love it! And the hat is toasty and handsome as can be...thanks to Mrs. Melinda!
Ahh...the joys of babyhood!
Oh, Uncle Beau and Aunt Jennifer spoiled this little guy with a dashing hat, scarf, glove ensemble....perfect for outdoor fun!
Check out these guns! (Jer's muscles are just too much...or as Garfield once said..."Formed fat!")

Lucie enjoying the last bit of sparkling water and her new fettish...the pacifier something she previously never cared two hoots about! Lucille has also been sharing her first joke.. she loves hats...and she takes her hat off and puts a ball on her head, laughs, then puts a car on instead, laughs, and the joke continues!
She still loves her "raysies" or raisins alot. Somehow she can dump the box sideways into her chubby hand catch a few and pop them into her all comes across like she is eating a delicous box of candy! The other day she saw Jeromy (the little guy) was sad and said, "Mommy baby sad?" "Hungry?!" and leaned over him to feed him! So dear! I have also become "Mommers!" said with a high shrill of delight I think it is another joke of hers since she is my "Lullers!" Yesterday we had a mild day and Lu and I had our first Tea Party complete with tiny plastic cups and saucers, grapes, and honey butter sandwiches (peanut butter that is...all butters are wonderful to Lula!). She had a grand time and filled up on juice, grapes, and later a sandwich or two! Her little personality continues to blossom and it is a blast watching it unfold!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Wonder of Warmth!

Lucie and Bubs couldn't get enough of the soft up-and-coming spring sun...they loved sitting outside and watching the birds, water, and bugs!

Little Lu finds a perfect "little bear" chair!
Lawson wonders, "Could I run over him and get in trouble?"

Peace, Love, and Lula!
Grandma introduced finger paints to Lullers who thought they were fabulous!

South Alabama Fam!

We drove over to Foley one day and let Pops and Grandma meet Little Jer and catch up with Lucie. The "littles" took no time in warming up to their Great Grandparents and Jeromy especially loved sitting in Pops lap and looking up at his handsome Grandpop!

Lula and Jer also got a good visit in with Pappy and Grammy. Lucie used this time to drink as much "English Tea" as her small belly could fit and then ran around exploring the lake, toys, bushes, and fire ant piles!!! Meanwhile Jeromy enjoyed yet another lap and showed off his bubble blowing to Pappy!

Grandma's House!

Each morning while we were in Covington, Lucille would run out back and pick as many Camilla's as she could fit in her chubby hands...then dance around the house holding them like pom-poms! Parks were a must each morning as well...and Lawson was welcome company for the many slides, forts, swings, and best of all TIRE SWINGS!

Grandma Jane's Three Musketeers!

Dan and Jeromy happily plopped into the arms of their Grandma Jane or Gigi. These boys just can't get enough huggin!
Lucie ditches the "veenies" as she calls them and heads out for some fun with Daddy and Uncle Joe!
All Lullers really wants to to run around wildly and never no never stay still!

A Visit with the Dallas Fergs!

Little Jer endears his Nan to himself with sweet cues and blue eyes!
Jeromy Sr was able to join us for part of our Dallas trip and join in the fun for Auntie Bev's surprise party! Notice Lucie using her new move...the worm, as she wiggles out of Daddy's arms!
Dinner at Nan's and Auntie Bev's was delightful. Lucie ran around playing with noisy toys and calling people on Momma's phone. Bubs continued to enjoy his lap-to-lap tour of the family!

Two tired weenies!

Cousin Dan!

Grandpa and "Bubs" kick back and enjoy the show Lu-girl puts on daily...a dancing, twirling, prancing escapade!
The Masters' Daniel and Jeromy meet!

Lucille and Jeromy "sandwich" Cousin Dan with fun!

Uncle Joe "hangs cool" with his new "possey""Chubs and Bubs" out they are a "high rollin' duo!" (Fat rolls that is!)
Sweet Pea and her "baby":...."Lu-Leigh...can I please have my hat back" asked Jer Bear Jr..."No Way!" replied his naughty sis "Mine!"