Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, December 15, 2008

St. Lucia Day!

Lucille awoke when it was still dark and gathered up 4 buns in her basket and cheerful handed them out to her sleepy family. "Hmmm...I just love, love, love saffron buns!" says Lu-Leigh to herself. She carefully inspects each one to make sure she saves the best for herself!

"Goo?" mumbles Bubbins to himself...meaning what do I do with this?!

Yummy! Toasted, buttery goodness saffron buns and hot coffee or milk! Nice way to start off Daddy's day since it is a white Jack Frosty morning that is 0! (degrees that is!)

Bubs goes for a more "meaty" round of fare for second breakfastes!

Preparing for St. Lucia Day!

Hot Cross Buns!
Hot Cross Buns!
One a penny, Two a penny
Hot Hot Hot Hot Cross Buns!

If you haven't any daughters
Give them to you sons.
One a penny, Two a penny
Hot Hot Hot Hot Cross Buns!

(with saffron and rasies for St. Lucia Day!)

The Calm before the Storm!

The Wee Fergs enjoy a hint of warmer weather whilest piggly eating their hot dogs.

A rare but glorious afternoon...The Men Folk discuss life, politics, and food outside.

Waitin' for Da-ee!!!

"Jump Momma I wanna Jump!" shouts little Lu as she scales the sofa and tosses all pillow off! Bubsie seconds it with a squeal of delight!

Still Waters Run Deep...

Bubs sits, eating as if in a trance, no doubt thinking deep and powerful "How does Mommy get her potatoes so creamy, where is my B, and how do I get the toothpaste out of Mommy's drawer to suck on it again?" Ahh such things must be pondered good and long before answering!

Water Cooler Drama!

The scene opens on a typical afternoon at "Da-ee's". Lucille is enthrawled with her "red hat" tricks and Bubs with the water cooler. He has been studying under Lucie for a couple of weeks and now feels he is fully capable of conquering the spicket!

A few last minute pointers from Lulu...."No Bubsie like this!"
A squeal of joy echos through the room...Bubs has total control of the water station!

"What!? No! But Momma!!!"

"I won't touch it Momma, I'll just stand here and watch Lucie run past!"

No one is looking so Bubs goes for it! Quickly water floods out fast than Bubbins knows what to like any tiny tot...he just keeps letting it drain! AHHHHH!!!
And so we leave with a happy but soaked Bubs!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Later that Morning...

Jeromy looks quite grown up in his birthday outfit...thanks to Grammy and Pappy!
Lucie is quick to point out the need of a bath after surveying Bubsie's new bath toys!

A tug boat, cups, fish, fishing pole (worthy of numerous fights already!), and a captian!!

Lucie awoke this morning haling Bubs as the Birthday Boy Joy and booming out a cheery rendition of Happy was a rawther enchanting scene! She loves her Chubys so!

Little Jer Bear is the Big Numero Uno!

Hip Hip Hurray for the Birthday Boy! Three Cheers for Bubsie! He is a crawling, laughing, joy boy! Yay!

Yipee a puppy! Little guy was tickled to have it pop onto his birthday breakfast plate! We celebrated this morning since Daddy will have a long day and not be back till late. Sunday is the big party though!
"Yummy is this blueberry flavored too?" asks Bubs the Chubs!
A hot, fat, buttery, blueberrie wafflie goodness for our B-day boy!
Lucie is very helpful when it comes to helping Bubsie open his gifts! "I'm a sharing girl Momma!"

The handsome Jer's celebrate!

Cozy Nights!

Bubbins pushes Daddy's box all over the house.

Little Baby Puffins and Jer Bear Jr wearing his signature sweatie!

Baby Lula asleep in her crib whilst Baby Jer sneaks up for a tease!

My Norweign girl dares the thick sugary snow and goes for a exploratory jaunt before Mommy spies her out with no coat! "Its not cold Mommy, Its not cold!" ha! I bet to differ!

The Parade of Lights

Or shall we call it the Parade of Weenies who are too Pooped out to enjoy the festivities!!

The only spot the Wee Fergs did enjoy was the fence. Lucie scaled it and Bubs did pull ups!

A trick! A trick!

Lucie did cheer up when Daddy showed up with a sword that glowed! "Yay! Frosty Mommy!...Look Daddy Look...its Rudolp!!!!!"

Bubs was not pleased to be out but proved a good sport and passed out by float #2!!!! Lucie stood up at float #59 ( of 70) declaring with sobs and tears"tired girl wants a nappie!" Unfortunately we stood on the wrong side and had to wait it out...but it was all okay-dokay cuz Santa was at the rear!!!!

Post parade babes...I think next year will be better!
Mommy and Daddy had a jolly good time of it and here is what they could have gone for- a hot toddy and a baby sitter...oh well!

Momma's 29th Birthday!

Daddy, Lulu, and Bubs helped Momma ring in her B-day. Lucie was very hands-on with the cake making and decorating...and look what a good job she did! Bubs tries to pull a quick one by snagging a lick!

A festive kitchen awaited Momma!
Lullers sang "Oh happy birthday to Mommy she is one...oh yah yah yah!!!"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bubs on the Move!

Bubsie surprised Lu and I this morning by walking behind his toy! "Yahh!! He's a walking boy Momma...Yahh!" cheered Puffins! After a couple of circles around the stairs Bubs notices the "clicky" and decides to taunt Lucie by quickly stopping her toons!

Lucille is a snow bunny who loves to create! Well I should say she "envisions" and Mommy creates! Here she sees Mommy, Daddy, Bubby, Lu, and Grammy and Pappy and Helton! Very abstract I should think!