Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, August 30, 2010


We headed back home after a super fun week with our cousins. Kids fairs, birthdays, beaches, pools with slides and diving boards, dogs, tree climbing, delicious food, and lots of sweet fam.

Arriving at our "ho-tellie"! Translation....PARTY in Wee Ferg!


We Fergs ventured out for a family day and explored the Jamestown site. Lots of ships, huts, and things to try like making leather and needles!

Beach Babes!

Michael showed us his fabulous beach by the pool with the slide! Jer and Lu loved it all and especially watching cousin Mike take on the huge floating jellyfish!

Scaring everyone at Williamsburg!

Lu in shackles!

Jeromy NOT going to try them on for size!

Enjoying the Atlantic...

Lu and Jer soaked up their time with Ruth and the beach. This particular day we saw loads of blue crabs. Quite fiesty too, they did not back down for Ruth and Lu who both got pinched!

Little Jer, such a handsome fella!

The Bowlin' Fergs!

We had quite a visit in Ft. Monroe...and one of the biggest highlights was Michael's birthday party at the bowling alley! I had no idea Lu and Jer would be such naturally bowlers...they LOVED it!

The handsome William men!

Ruth wins over Jer with her sweet smile!

So Michael!

Jer feeling his oats...or the surge of cake!

Lu not to be out of the mix!

The Birthday Boy's 10th!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane....It's the CRAZIES!

Lu and Jer loved climbing the trees at Fort Monroe. They where huge, tall, and DANGEROUS!

Back home...watching the man replace Momma's windshield after she cracked it hitting a mosquito with the palm of her hand! Lots to be seen when a car is having new glass put in!

Lucie soaks up her older cuzzies as they catapolt her into the water. The Littles loved their first pool party in honor of Aunt Cee's visit!

GG's 90th!

For my Grandma's b-day we headed to Big D to celebrate! Here we have a pic of 4 generations of Barnards!

Lu and Jer were crazy excited to help make GG's 90th most memorable. Balloons, streamers, blowers, I mean the whole 9 yards!

Handsome for a living!

The 3 seconds of sweet tranquility at Ikea before choas broke out!

The littles boogie-woogie to live music at dinner!

Lookin' Mighty Fine!

What ya doing? Stewin'? Poo'in? one of little Jer's favorite quotables!

Watch out ya varment!

Books with Dad!