Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, May 07, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things....

The littles play "farm"and are busy feeding the horse -hay and pig- slop which is really alot of water and grass clippings!
The first mow of the season! Little Jer made sure Dad hit all the spots and didn't miss a blade and stood by him re-mowing the whole time!

The after trip car clean up was a whiz with both these two hard workers at hand!


Last but not least we hit Moab and saw Arches. The famous arch fell 2 years ago...just too much wind for 1000's of years...but some smaller ones were cool. By now Lu and Jer are toast and being bribed out of the car with "natural" oreos and juice boxes...pretty low I know! So that is why Jer poses so distant from the arch!

Little Jer had a melt down and was sitting as seen above whilst we had our pic in front of the North and South Windows.

The North Window...massive.

Lu fit right in with the culture in Moab...granola, free energy, bikers! Notice I look rather rotund!
This was the last hurrah for Utah and we were all glad but too much and a bit too little.

Park City!

We did see Park City but the highlight was most definately the pool at the hotel...which we swam in twice! Mommy forgot the suits but the kids made due and it was here lil' Jer feel in love with swimming. Daddy worked him with kicking and he is now a "kicking guy! I know how to kick!" he will tell you! Lots-o-fun and a good night of sleep to follow....

Enjoying the days...

Here the kids are swinging at a lovely green park in central Provo on a crisp day. Our favorite town and home of Brigham-Young University...very clean and conservative.

In Salt Lake we stopped to see the Morman Temple...creepy.
The flowers were exquisite and reminded me of Austria. Just lovely. From here we tried to see the Great Salt Lake to no avail..Chevron had refineries boardering we headed to the hill for Park City.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Quest for a Hotel....

The kids proved to be quite good navigators..."Take a right Daddy, go straight!" They loved looking at the maps and figuring out how to "out-boss"the other one!

Dad at sunset, looking for a hotel. In Utah you can only find hotels in cities with a certian size font...there is nothin' out there!

Not amused and ready to find a "ho-tel with a pool!"

Coral Reef!

Still trekking we went from cold windy Bryce to a warm,late afternoon refresher at Coral Reef. The Mormans had planted cherry, apple, pear, and peach trees here and sold there fruit, thus we are enjoying the Spring green of Fruita.

Right outside this Oasis is alot of red rocks and shrubbery. We did venture down a curved drive to a place called Echo Canyon. This is a really echo too, I mean reverberating over and cool. The kids couldn't stop screaming words out! The walls were a tremendous height like Zion and full of holes to climb.


Warm to Frigid again... lots of unusual rocks...that about sums up these parks....These are the rocks that look like needles pointing up very vertical and thin...lots of colors and just like the Grand Canyon you see certain colors at particular times in the day.

Danger boy needed to spice up the tameness of this trip!

Very open and unpopulated...there is no one in Utah, hardly. Just the wind. The drive from Zion to Bryce had some picturesque plateaus or wait was that Grand Canyon to Zion...well if you go you will see them all, they are super close. The drive from Bryce to Coral Reef was full of outstanding views. The road is high on the rigeline and the rocks keep changing structure and color- dramatic!


Bi-polar was our weather theme...this park was toasty-the-mosties and we all loved the hiking. We did a 3 mile loop that had a 3 tier waterfall that the kids played in. Lil' Jer was an enthusiastic mover as long as you enthused him with a nice assortment of snacks!!!! The views here are breathtaking and the rocks are giganitic...called the Patriarchs by Mormon pioneers.

Lu and Dad cool off in pool, which is really the top of a huge waterfall.

Jeromy loves his cowboy hat and boots...hates to be without them... he loved the cool water...lots of laughing, splashing, and "kerpluncking" of rocks!

A snack break...very important part of wooing 2 littles along the trail!

Notice Lu, having a moment.
Jer is mouth opened awed...

One happy camper...if Dad carries him (like he did most of the way down!)

The center of the park.

Losing hope...."too much walking for a Lulu Mom!" Don't worry, she survived to see the massive waterfall a few feet away.

Tossing rocks and poking sticks...what could be better!