Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, February 28, 2011

Miss Chubsie!

Momma and Sweet Pea!

Roll tide!

Our Ceci-flea!

Ceci-flea (sessi-flea) is a work of art. She loves her Lucille and Jeromy passionately and studies them in the car (she faces them). Jeromy makes her laugh and smile and stand in awe while Lullers is a fount of song and dance than thrills her and captures her complete attention. She was learning to almost turn over in this early January pic. By early Feb. she had the trick down and is a good belly to flipper! Ceci-floo or Floo is just a ball of lucious chub and I have heard that tell of a chub roll on her big toe!

Just chillin' enjoying a little TV...yes the sad fact is she really does!

Attempting to sit up and see better!

Check out that chin! Lots-o-kisses land there!

This little one is an observer and catches every detail.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Three Some!

Cecily loves her Lula and Jer Guy. She smiles when she hears their voices in the morning and eagerly watches them play around her.

All three in overalls and notice Lucille's new smile!

Sweet Ceci!

Such a tiny-hinney!

Chub-a-lucious and still in Feb we have another roll!

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful night out with Cackey, Ryan (our soon to be new cuz), Eddie, and Mary Ann, and sweet Ceci-flea!

Christmas Week

The Littles partied all week and soaked up every bit of the Christmas season. Cecily was adorable, Jer and Lu estatic and full of wonder and delight at each present. Daddy caught a bit of Santa on camera and we all agreed a Southern Christmas is fabulous.

School started the 1st of the year and Jer and Lu are eager students. Each day we start out the the pledge of allegience then a prayer and a memory verse. Next we share books, practice a letter, work on numbers, and Jeromy loves to re-join us for art. He was not so sure about school and sometimes joins us and sometimes waits until snack or recess or his very time!

Grammy's birthday was a fun celebration. We got to see them as they came back through after spending Christmas with Nan in Dallas.

Christmas Morning was a hit...Lullers on her new skates! and froo-froo tutu!

Jer testing out his skates!

Stockings our very fav...loaded!

Santa Came!!! The cookies are gone!