Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Our Little Kangaroo-La!

Sweet Lucille woke up from her morning nap to find a bouncy chair awaiting her! She loves to sit in it and play with her rattles!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Granola Baby

Lucille and Daddy explore the front yard.

Ahhh....summer days!

Dallas Pic's

While in Dallas we forgot to take pics till the end of our trip. This next trip we will be sure to start taking them from the get go!

Lula's Trip to the "Big D"

"Please Fasten your seat belts the Captain is ready for take-off!"
Lucie quickly glanced at her daddy in confusion...take off for what she wondered as she studied the lady next to him. Soon she and her daddy and momma were whipping acorss the big blue sky. Daddy said they were in an airplane that would take them to Dallas...there she would meet some more cousins, aunties, uncles, great-grandma and her grandpa.

Wow! The plane began to land and Lula got a little scared when she felt her stomach drop but soon all was ok. Auntie Bev arrived on time and they headed to her Nan's house. Unfortunately, Lucie missed her Nan, who had just left town for L.A. For two days Lucie met and enjoyed the company of her Daddy's side of the fam. Kyle had picked out some stuffed animals she wanted to give Lucille and Aunt Cheryl (Ferguson) gave her a bag of fun toys too!

Friday Daddy and Momma took Lucille on a drive to Waco to meet Uncle Poe and Aunt Anna...who both went goo-goo for lu-lu!

Saturday was her Great-Grandma's 86th B-day party and what fun! Lucie was passed from lap to lap as she sat and chatted with all.

Sunday was most exhausting since the week had been loaded with excitement. Lots of good-byes were in order and she had one last plop on Grandpa's lap then headed off to the airport again.

To Lucille the airport was old hat and she'd been there and done that. So as Daddy boarded the plane and it took off she was relaxed and ready to play the flight away.

She slept soundly that night and was ready to boogie the next day as she and momma went to get Helton from the Kennel.

Lucie says Howdy Partner to all and can't wait for her Trip South in a couple of weeks..she's got the travel bug!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Yummy Thumb!

What could be more satisfying, comforting, and always handy than my thumb, says Lula!

Well...maybe a short rest on Daddy's is ever so comfey.

And after some creamy-delicious milk I like to chat with Momma and then put on something rather cute!

Little Lu's 3 months old!

Hip Hip Hurrah Lucie's going on 3 months today! Saterday night we met up with Uncle Ed and his crew for a yummy night of Greek food and "Ompah!"

We all sat outside on a shady deck and listened to German music across the street while Lu did a jig for Uncle Ed on the table. Then everyone enjoyed a rousing game of "Pass the Baby"!


Lucille has just discovered how to hold an object. Almost anything will do...rattles, spoons, blankets, fingers, and even momma's toothbrush!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cousins Cousins Everywhere!

Lucille woke up from her afternoon nap as usual. Expecting a creamy delicious snack and some time with Helton and Momma...but as she descended the staircase there were Walter, James, and Amilee! What a surprise! She had heard stories of these cousins but didn't really believe they existed. After giving each a drooly kiss and trying out each lap she played with Amilee for a while then took a small rest. Once again when her eyes opened Cousin Ed was here too! What fun she was much attention! The next morning she awoke thinking yesterday had been so delightful and yet again was pleasantly surprised by MaryAnn and Merilee's company too! Lucille was beside herself with glee! She loved all the kisses and hugs and especially the chats she had with the girls.

It was a very busy time, lots of parties, games, shopping, and coffeeshops. Lucie didn't mind all the commotion as long as momma and daddy were near and a nap could be had in someone's arms.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wee Ferg's 1st 4th!

Lucille could not wait to see what this day would bring...she had heard her Papa tell stories about the 4th. Fireworks, picnics, and fun but what ever did it look like? Helton was a bit puzzled too...he realized he had never paid any attention to the day and so was not helpful when Lucie asked him.

Jeromy and Helton started the day climbing the Incline (1 mile of stairs going up to Pikes Peak!) Lula and I opted for a cup-o-joe and did a little people watching. Lu's already got the "coffee house cool" going.

Later Papa had a picnic planned, nap in the green grass, and stroll through town. Lucille was in heaven...what fun she was having! Later, after napping through a rainstorm, Lucie was whipped into the car with the fam and Heltie for a trip down to Memorial Park to watch the firworks! Ka-Boom! So loud! Helton was not a fan of them, but Lucie stared up in awe. How beautiful she proclaimed in baby language...and previously had laughed for the first time!

Today (the 5th) she said "goo-goo" twice...I think we have a chatter-box on our hands!

Lucille's Home Improvement...

This past weekend we put our house up for sale...hoping to move closer to the mountians on the Westside. Lucille was the project manager and what a task master she turned out to be. Three days of wheel-barreling 32 cubic yards of wood chips to the back yard! Lucille did end up using her charm to get 4 little boys to help (or just have fun!). Everytime we slowed up we would hear a squeal, goo, or have Lucie's arms flap at us to get with it!

Occasionally she would take a break when things got dull for a drink of milk and a short nap but then she was right back again!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I like 2 Breakfastes...says our little Hobbit Lula!

Lucille loves her morning walks with Heltie. Nothing better to put one to sleep than a small jaunt across the Front Range. She is getting stronger each day and loves to practice holding her head up, crawling, and expanding her lungs....happy screams! Her newest trick is repeating "goo", "uh-oh", and "ya". Of course she is a Miracle Baby! Well ok she just makes those random noises at nonspecific times...we think she is very clever though!

Five rolls now tumble down her thighs, two double chins, and one round little tummy. Her hair is a blonde puff and her eyes a dazzling blue.

Goo-goo to you all!