Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, August 31, 2007

An Overview of Summer...

Chats at Starbucks and cool ice waters...
Lots of water everywhere in the afternoons...
Lunches at Daddy's office!

Summer's Bounty!

Our yard in the far left corner has a nectarine tree that hangs over the fence. Lu-girl usually remembers this at some point in the day and points saying..."Mommy, Mommy...appy appy!!!" Meaning....."oh Mommy, those nectarines looks delish....can we please go pick some?!" What baby has a private fruit tree!!! Miss Pat and Miss Marty love Lula and besides from letting us eat their bounty they give Lula special strawberry-rubarb preserves! My goodness Lucie is a lucky baby!!! (Nectarines taste best from a high a fort...according to Lu-girl that is!)

Lazy Days of Summer!

Lucie finds the water to be quite invigorating and a necessary element to any babies' afternoon. She pops up from her naptime ready for adventure and "jhew-ssss" that is juice. Thanks to Ganma ( Lula's name for Grandma) she had a steady supply of juice boxes that have lasted the summer and she can't wait for 3 o'clock to roll around and enjoy one! After a refreshment she starts her new favorite activity watering Mommy's plants with small containers that frequently spill onto her round tummy before they get to the pot!

Little Miss Muffet...

Lucie was in a was an early Monday morning and Daddy had to buzz off and she wasn't quite ready to see him tears just an eager wave and then a nice good suck of the thumb.
Grammy....Lucille LOVES her new hat... it not quite hit "blankie" status but is almost there...she choses it every morning!

A Baby's Favorite Place!

Lucie is most content in her handsome Daddy's strong arms. In the evening they enjoy spotting birds, planes, throwing balls for the "doggie" and lots of chase!

"Aw...Maw....Do I have too?!"

Lucille was not as excited about our Saturday Shower as Mama! Thanks to Cuzzie Merilee she looked adorable! Here is the fabulously cute diaper tote I found on ebay recently and love...only held out for a year and a half for this degree of marvyness!

Fast as Lightnin'....

....and really quite frightnin'!!! Lucille loves her push toy and all I can say is watch out toes and paws cuz her she comes a-whippin' past! (Might I add that as the toy moves it has "Baby Dance" music that whips her up into a frenzy of energy so that she has to stop periodically and stomp her feet ferociously fast to the beat! It is priceless to see in action!)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Afternoon Walks.....

> "Hi-Ho Mommy and Heltie!" commanded a little 2 foot chub!
First stop: interesting rocks, bottle top, and yellow weed flowers!

Second Stop: A bright sign to bang on!

Third Stop: Investigate collection of treasures. Then head off again...but wait what is this!

Onward Helton! "Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!" squeaked Lullers "look at all these amazing flags Mommy!"

Lula May marches to the waiving of her new flags!
"Heltie!! Come on!"

They danger duo is distracted my Mr. Bill and his ratty pooch.
"What!!" shouted Lu-girl! "Heltie says he won't budge till I pick up my pace, he says I am slow as molasses and he is just gunna watch me from now on!"

Thursday, August 09, 2007


"But Daddy....why go down when I can just as easily go up and down by myself!?" announced our rather full-of-herself Lu girl. "Mommy make sure that Ridley, Petey, Lawson, Katelynn, and Maggie all see this I want them to know I have just bumped the competition up a notch and they are all weenies!!! "

It's Greek to me!

Our house, Praise the Good LORD, sold yesterday! To celebrate we had a lovely Greek dinner on the porch in Old Colorado City. Lucille wanted to specifically point out that she couldn't get enough of the Greek dips....hummus, tziki (?), and ana...something with artochokes were her particular favs...with carrot of course not pita.

All of this was quite amazing to Mommy and Daddy but we were thrilled that Luc was an "ethnic food lover" at such a delicate age! Just like a good shot of Uzzo after a delicous Greek meal, so Lu girl found her thumb to be a satisfying end to a wonderful day! (Needless to say this Babe loves garlic and the sweet aroma of marked her breathe for the rest of the night!!! ha haa!)

Hello from the Mountain Tops of Colorado!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the end of summer! We took Joe and Anna on the Trail Ridge Pass skimming the peaks, surveying the land, and coasting down the mountians into Estes Park!

A Boating We Will Go!

Well anyone who knows Pappa Jer, knows that he loves the water! The opportunity had presented itself and Jeromy hopped to it....a first boat ride for his Wee Ferg! Lucie was suspicious and calm but not enthused...actually falling asleep during most of it but a true sport!

Grand Lake, CO for the Day!

Lucille insisted on a barefoot walk into Grand Lake. She had seen the other children playing on the sand bank and wanted to feel the water too! Unfortunately our time here was misty/rainy not at all normal for Colorado but still a pleasant trip. We were quite surprised to find that Lucie was "now walking" and saw no reason to pull out the stroller. So here we are exploring the old West town with boardwalks for sidewalks and Little Lula Belle in between! Such fun!

A Picnic in the Mountains!

Lucille had thought, "Daddy and Mommy an adventure into the mountains would be most exciting and perhaps a picnic lunch would be just the thing to do with Uncle Joe and Aunt Anna!"
So we all packed up for an overnight stay and praised our Little Lu for her thoughtful idea!

Lula wins Uncle Joe's Heart!

After an intense play session (which involved showing Uncle Joe all of Lucille's balls, slide, and backyard) Lu-girl decided that Uncle Joe was indeed as wonderful as she had heard and was very pleased that he had come with Aunt Anna for a visit.