Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr. Muscles!

Jeromy flexes his ripply steelys as he sports a clean hair duo (fresh from the tub) and his very fast king the cloud undies! (Lightning McQueen!)

A wonderful week of fun with Cousin Micheal ended on a birthday note. Mike turned 11 years old and Jay, Lu, and Lawson, and Maizo were thrilled to help celebrate it with a chocolate cake and a pool party! Hip Hip Hurrah for Mike!

The Silly Willies!

Lucille and Jeromy being silly before church

Poohkins passing out right before we leave...

Notice the twirling of hair baby does as she eases into slumber. Too much!

Family conference about something very important....

Feedin' Time...

This morning Cecily was enjoying a bit of peach puree. Lucille is such a willing helper and delights in feeding her baby sis. Baby is chub-a-lucious and now is eating a nice variety of veggies, fruits, and meats mixed with good broths. She loves a pat of good quality butter and a fat, juicy peach after a long swim!

Lu took this pic!

Stick Around!

Cecily delights in spending time playing with her Lula Belle and Big Jer. This morning they all three got into the stickers and would not stop giggling. It is so cute to watch all three interact. Cecils loves her Jer and seems to think of him more as a playmate and loves her Lu but Lu is just old enough to be more of a caregiver than playmate. We all love our Cecils to bits!

Celebrating the 4th in Magnolia Springs...

We had a lovely weekend of galabanting from 4th of July celebration to celebration. Our last stop was Magnolia Springs, AL -Pops home town. Big shady oaks line the streets as folks relax in lawn chairs and take in the day. Looks like something from Southern Living. Cecils was in fine fashion as where her Jay and Lulu-

A bit too much candy, far too much heat, and the approach of midday= mischief!

Sweet Baby utter delight! Wooing us to her!!!

Jay's first fishing trip!

Lu casting off for the first time too!

These two Fergs had been saving up for a long time to buy some fishing poles and bought two from Grandma-O! (You cannot even fathom how misrebelly hot this steamy morning was....)

Wooing us again! Her enchanting self!

Shark attack!

Aye matey...

Yes sir Capt'n!

Oh Say Can You See!!!

The start of July was filled with fun. A weekend in Foley with Grammy and Paps. We tested out the new canoe, found a fabulous ice cream parlor, and caught a couple of firework shows!

Ceci (Cessie) at the beach is a sweet peach! Loves the sand and sea as long as she is not wet. Foofs sampled alot of sand, I later found out-changing her diaper! Yuk!

Constructing a sand castle.

Baby Foofs!

Surveying the territory with Paps and Dad on the new canoe!

The Wild Man from Borneo!

Cousin Dan in his element! Relaxed country boy-

Chit chatty...what do they talk about?

Slow hot summer daze...I mean days!

Enthrolled in Uncle Joe's stories!

Jay after "the chin incident"-of course dad was gone!!!


We went through a huge water balloon phase...loads of dollar store balloon exploded in our yard and most where hacked with a garden hoe!

Just out for a spin with his Daddy-o!

Dan whipped onto Jay's bike with the greatest of ease and would use it to train his daddy! Faster and Faster!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Fishin' for Fun!

A day at the Aquarium, with the littles we had to a-carry-um, seeing all the fishes swim, made each kid wish he had a fin, so we all left with a big grin!