Lucille Renee Ferguson

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Late Fall Nights...

Now that Dadders Padders has 3 tax schools he is teaching plus office hours, we have a crazy schedule....but most nights he is gone so "the littles" have there "rub-a-dub-dub-tub" then a toon...Bambi is the new fav!

Today Dad came home for the afternoon and he and Little Guy tackled the leaves...once again...hopefully the last time! "Help Dad Help!"
Ah they really are still "littles" though all I hear is Look at my big muscles! Mom I am too big now! You don't have any babies anymore! NO, I can do it self Momma! I think we grew last night Daddy!

Bubs the Elephants and Lulu the Fairie....

Halloween was huge on the block thanks to 2 doors down...a bloody wreck, microwaved body, and a storm trooper...Big Jer got a kick out of it...the kids were taken the "other" route!

Devouring there had work...with pals Rylan and Caroline!

Lu had everyone keep pace...this girl had an agenda! Bubs kept saying "this way Rylan!"

It took some serious wedging to get Chubs into this costume...he wouldn't have anything to do with it...but once he saw the other kids and realized it got him candy...he was ok with it! By the last house he was Mr. Tricker Treater! And very angry at Mom for saying to was time to go home...until he realized that meant CHOCOLATE!

The first house...Bubs still isn't getting it...but Lu did!

Pumkin carving with the Master!

All decked out for the day...Lu told me Dad picked out her jewerly! You should see those glitzy earing light up her eyes!

Jeromy's heavy nose breathing smile...on of his favorites....especially if it preceeds tickle chase!

Tea with Dadders Padders!

Everything is a rhyme now for Lu...Mommers Pommers, Bubsies Wubsies, tea flea, cheese wheeze...and not to mention a lots of nursery rhymes being adapted for the moment! Lu and Jer went up a hill to fetch a pail of water....
Grandma came for a lovely visit and we had lots of tricks, books, run fast, and great ideas!

Grandma showed Goosey Lucie (as Bubs fondly calls her!) how to clean the glass...well I never knew I could go through windex so fast! A bottle a day almost! Here is Lu in the height of other words "Mom I have a great idea!....."

The Jers tackle the deck...we had 2 full days of snow!...Looking like a serious winter!

Testing out the surprise sled Dad showed up with!!!

Jumpin' Jer-animo and his Daring Goosey Lucie!

What the Wee Fergs do on cold days!

"Watch Mom, Watch!"

The first snow man of the year! Lu and Daddy used up most of the front yard for this one!

"Dir-tee Mom...hands...Dir-tee...Help Mom!"

Dilligently at work making a piece of art for everyone....we are going through cases of fingerpaint...I have to start making this stuff!

Day 2 in Dakota!

The day ended with a last sweep through the park to see the Presidents lit up...made your patriotism surge. It was a fantastic trip...we all felt like we really got to know SW South Dakota...and we will be back! The kids were great...generally speaking....

In Rapid City we had dinner in a firehouse!!! Yah! Little Jer loved it and they both got hats!

The fantastic Reptile Center where we say like 150 different poisonous snakes and huge mammoth tortoises!

Through the kern fields...and boy were there some SERIOUS stickers!

Little House on the Praire moment.

The trip was a short weekend...7 hours up and back and the area around Mt. Rushmore was so spotted with tiny towns of particular interest....Here the kids danced in Hot Springs ....we spring! Also known for a large mammoth bone archeological site...we went and well....lets just say we were one of "those" know the ill-behaved vagabond children...the kind you don't want to claim as yours!!!

The expanse refreshed us all and the kids ran to there hearts delight and found buffalo and deer tracks and some real buffalo too!

This is 3 1/2 yrs....apparently the "moodyness" kicks in BIG way or the highway attitudes....but the stance is histarical.

Oh good, she is over herself!

" Dad!"

Mt. Rushmore!

Right after the birthday party, we loaded the kids and headed North for the Dakotas! It was beautiful and so clean, natural, breath taking and the folks were mighty nice too! South Dakota just moved up in our fam's mind!
Here we are on the approach...there are a couple of great view points.

Jer and his Lullers!

We walked around the base and Little Jer did all the stairs..."Self Momma, all self!" beams Jumpin' Jer!

Lots of climbing rock and lots of energies!

Ok, the picture is angled so it was not so steep....but rather challanging still!

What do these two talk about? They talk and talk and laugh, and chase!

Here comes the "littles!" "I am so big Mommy, look at my biceps!" says Lu and yet you can call them the "littles" still! Each morning we wake up to two tiny's saying "Here come your littles!"

The entrance and the pre-crazy kids!

Buffalo! We popped the kids out to get a good glimpse of the mass of wildlife in Custer State Park...wild turkeys, donkeys, deers of all sorts, and the blubbiest prairie dogs!